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Pretty Little Liars + google searches ( A edition )

Each re-blog will save Jason from meeting another sibling. Help Jason in this time of need, please!

Lord help the mister


That comes between me and my sister.

Charlotte killed Wilden. She sent Sara to make sure he was dead. And she said “I want to make sure he never hurts my sister again.” Then she tells Alison that if Wilden knew Ali was alive, he would have never let her come back and tell her story.

I think this confirms Wilden was Beach Hottie and was the one who Alison said he would kill her if he found out she was pregnant. I think she even said he has a gun.

Soooo…that to me makes Wilden even worse! He’s older than Jason probably by a few years. That would put him at 24 or 25 when he messed around with Alison. She was 14/15 during that summer.

I just know this is what Charlotte was referring to! And he was always weird with Hanna too! And he slept with Ashley. Ewwwwww!


Okay but what was the point of Sara wearing a wig to be black widow or even dressing up as black widow if nobody would even suspect anything if she went as her self?????




Why was Cece Redcoat in 4x12? By that time she was helping Ali escape A…which was her. She was supposedly Redcoat to distract A…which was her. Does this make sense? Am I missing something? Another plothole?

She has a clone?

She said she sent Sara as a DECOY.


submission art




I don’t wanna be mean but it deserves it…

What we know so far about 6B




- There will be a new big bad. We currently only know him as ‘He’. Marlene has said she can’t confirm or deny whether he is another -A or not. Marlene has stated the mystery of ‘He’ “is definitely brand new, but there’s some connection to the past. Not a mystery revolving around the past, but a connection to the past.”

- It will air in January, no confirmed date as of yet. But the premiere is called ‘Of Late, I think of Rosewood’ and it is 5 years ahead from 6A. There was a scene at a florists in 6x11 and also a hearse was seen on set.

- All of the PLL parents will be back, and Veronica Hastings will be running for state senate. Toby/ Caleb/ Ezra will still be a main part of the show. Though Lucy has stated Aria has had a different love interest during the jump and so has Ezra. But the two come back together and the chemistry is ‘undeniable’ between them. (They are seen together at 3am in a hotel lobby in the 6B promo.)

-  There is an event that happens that brings the girls back, in part due to something that Alison needs. Once they’re there, it becomes difficult for them to leave.

-  An event happens that brings them back to town with new secrets and new lies. Many dark things are in store for the girls in the next five years.”

-  The girls definitely “get into a little bit of trouble with some alcohol in the premiere. Some cocktails are consumed.”

- We will find out who killed Mrs. D “that is part of the larger mystery moving forward.” There are two final twists. One of those twists will be who killed Mrs. D.

- ‘Romance’ is in store for the girls without -A in their lives.

- All six of the girls will still be dealing with PTSD from all that they went through with A. However they have lead an A free life for the past 5 years.

- The girls come back to Rosewood per Alison’s request which leads them into a whole new mystery. For the past 5 years they have lived separate lives, and have homes in different cities, they keep in contact through social media. The girls have secrets from their time apart. And need to ‘cover up some of what they’ve been doing.’

- Troian has stated twice that she hasn’t had many scenes with Keegan in a while. There will be an Ezria scene in 6x12

- Melissa will be back in 6x13

- There is a new mystery that starts up in the first episode back , and that story will most likely end at the end of season seven. Its a ‘great final, gigantic mystery twist — the biggest PLL has ever had.’ 

- There will be a wedding in 6B and it’s not necessarily Hanna’s wedding.

- There’s definitely some mysteries to come and a lot more story to tell according to Marlene.

- Janel stated “We will all be in our early 20s. There will be a new Pretty Little Liars and Mona. It’s got more of a Sex in the City, Gossip Girl feel but still with the murder mystery and everything else going on.”

- Lucy stated “the girls are still friends but there’s definitely a little friction  between the girls and Alison.”

- There may be an Emison scene in 6x15

- Blake Berris will play a new character and has scenes with Hanna. Someone named Yvonne is also a new character. Liam and Jordan are also 2 new characters, Liam is 24 and works in the Editorial business and Jordan is 27 and works in the fashion industry. 

-  Sasha stated Troian/ Spencer’s new bangs relate to the job she has after the time jump. 

All the girls change, drastically, because 5 years is a huge time to grow, you’re out of high school, you’re on your own, you’re forced to be independent and you learn so much. I think all of the girls have definitely learned a lot.”

- Alison is married to Dr. Rollins (Huw Stephens) *He will appear in 6x16. Unsure yet if he’ll appear before that.*. Alison is now a teacher and got her degree at Hollis. She isn’t a vindictive person anymore. She has grown up and ‘changed the most out of all of the girls.’ Hanna is engaged, not necessarily to Caleb. Aria works as an editorial assistant. Hanna has long blonde hair again, Aria has blonde hair, Spencer has bangs and Emily has darker hair.

- Jenna, Lucas, Melissa, Sara Harvey, Lorenzo will be back and Paige may return. Lucas has a ‘great surprise’ for the girls.

- There may be a Ezria scene in 6x16 and a Sparia scene in 6x15. And Janel/ Mona will be in 6x16.

- They did the longest take in PLL history in 6x11/ 12. 

- Ezra will have a new apartment in 6B and he may have 1 book already published with another one on the way. 

- We will see Charlotte Dilaurentis again. And she is doing much better than before after getting proper medical care and being taken care of by Alison and Jason.

- We will find out more about Sara Harvey in 6B. Including how she met Cece and how they ended up working together. (She is seen in the promo at a graveyard and Emily is also there.)

- We will see flashbacks of the girls during the 5 years we’ve missed out on. 

- Sasha stated “It’s almost like we’re re-starting the show.”

This has soooo much potential but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

things i am here for: a sex in the city/gossip girl vibe

things i am not here for: “the biggest twist pll has ever had” …please no more plot holes for the sake of shock value, plssssss

‘’Game over, Charles’’ has the lowest IMDB rating (5,0) out of all of the PLL episodes.


Does anyone else feel like it’s kinda sad that Marlenes tweets included praise for Vanessa and Sasha in the finale, but not the 5 other actresses who have played much bigger roles?

The finale pretty much took away all credibility of pll, I can't believe how much they ruined it for me in one episode



That’s it, that’s the word credibility. I don’t even love it anymore. I don’t want to theorise, because what’s the point? All the clues I’ve theorized about for all the other characters are now deemed irrelevant? Why should I continue if I now know they’re pointless majority of the time? It doesn’t even feel like PLL anymore, basically all that matters is S5 and 6A + those few eps Cece was in during season 3? The entire motive of the show is weak. All the character we thought were relevant, aren’t. Anything the original characters “did that night” is useless and irrelevant? Everything I thought PLL was, no longer is. Everything is now deemed pointless in my eyes? Like I don’t even know what the point of the entire s how was. Why the girls were even involved. Not to mention how much I looked up to Marlene and the writers, and for them to shame us the way they are. I’ve lost respect. I’m gut wrenched at how demeaned I feel by them. The show just went so down hill, and it’s not even about the reveal. It’s about everything that surrounds it and the way they chose to tell the story, supply answers and handle the situation. 

The journey was not regrettable. I enjoyed every theory I made, every episode I watched, but looking back, considering Marlene emphasized the “why” being better than the who, and then failing to pull through, makes me question everything I’ve ever paid attention to on this show.

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This was an interview with Marlene before the season 4B finale. Marlene says we have seen Black Widow without a costume on in season 4. But we didn’t meet Sara Harvey until season 6 episode 1. This is just proof the writers didn’t have this planned “from the beginning”.


This is so true!!!!

Wren being Charles and Melissa being Black Widow. That’s how it was planned all along, I strongly feel it.

If she’s talking about the stock photo of Sara Harvey in 4B I’m fucking done, like no, that’s not even Dre Davis?

“ kissbythebarn:
“ Ok how do they explain the fact that we met CeCe’s college roommate??? Even though she was LIVING AT RADLEY.
And CeCe dated Noel’s older brother, like she was clearly a Rosewood HS student who everyone knew....



Ok how do they explain the fact that we met CeCe’s college roommate??? Even though she was LIVING AT RADLEY.

And CeCe dated Noel’s older brother, like she was clearly a Rosewood HS student who everyone knew. WTF

the plot holes just keep coming